Who we are

Vegenat Healthcare is a company specialised in the design, development, production, marketing and distribution of Clinical and Dietetic Nutrition products.

We work every day to earn the appreciation of our customers

Mission, vision, values

Knowledge at the service of our customers’ satisfaction, health and quality of life.


To contribute to human nutrition, health and well-being, making available to them products of the highest quality for any time of day and in any place, operating our business in a way that creates value both for the company and for society.

Our vision

To be Europe’s pace-setting company in nutrition, health and well-being. To achieve maximum Growth, Excellence and Sustainability.

With our Vision, we seek to achieve our objectives in the following areas:

  • People: To be a good place to work where employees feel inspired each day to give the best of themselves.
  • Planet: To be a responsible Company that makes a difference by helping to build and support a sustainable community.
  • Productivity: To be an efficient and dynamic organisation.
  • Nutrition: To offer a range of high-quality products that satisfy customers’ wants and needs.
  • International: To succeed in broadening the market by satisfying our customers’ needs at an international level.


1. Leadership. To strive to shape a better future.

2. Collaboration. To promote collective talent.

3. Responsibility.
To be held accountable.

4. Diversity.
To offer a wide array of products.

What we offer

We are the only Spanish company in this sector of the industry that has both a production centre and a clinical and dietetic nutrition research centre.

We are a highly versatile multi-disciplinary group.

Diversification: clinical nutrition and Texture-Modified Food (TMF).

We have a wide range of products meeting the needs of our customers.

We have the capacity to respond efficiently and nimbly to market needs.

We custom-develop products for clients.

We promote sustainability and respect for the environment.


Vegenat Healthcare has partnered with the Nutrisens Group to create a business alliance for working in synergy. This merger ensures the expansion of our portfolio of products. The new corporate group is transforming itself into a European trader offering a great variety of products, betting on innovation and creating unique and novel product lines in the market.

R&D / Quality

VEGENAT HEALTHCARE features a laboratory for the conduct of physical chemistry, nutritional and organoleptic analyses and the determination of microbiological parameters. Scientific and technological investigation constitutes one of the fundamental pillars of Vegenat Healthcare, which has adopted a consistent policy of incentivising development and innovation based on knowledge, its own business experience and the latest advances in our sector of the industry.

Our own manufacturing

The new alliance allows us to become a multi-national enterprise with a local focus.

We have our own production facility located in Badajoz where we develop our products and continue the process of innovation.

Our European partners also enable us to bring in whatever we cannot find here, thus complementing our wide product range and sharing the best parts of our portfolio.

We also have production facilities in France, specifically in Autun, Loudun, Maligny, Beaune and Renaison.

Support through knowledge

We also rely on health professionals specialised in nutrition who enable us to provide knowledge-based responses to our customers’ needs.

Round tables

Our numbers

Over 80

Over 100

Over 400

Over 18 million
In annual turnover