Flavour and format
Flavour Format CI
Unflavoured Box with 15 sachets of 7 g 504711

L-arginine module in powder.

Food for special medical purposes. For the dietary management of patients with metabolic disorders of aminoacids or patients with a proved deficiency in arginine that can not be achieved with a standard diet. Oral or tube administration.

Per 100 g Per box 7 g
Nutritional Facts kcal/kJ 286/1214 20/85
Fat g n.d.* n.d.*
of which saturates g n.d.* n.d.*
Carbohydrates g n.d.* n.d.*
of which sugars g n.d.* n.d.*
Dietary fiber g n.d.* n.d.*
Proteins g 71,4 5,0
Salt g n.d.* n.d.*

* not detected