Flavors and format
Flavour Format CI
Unflavored 6-400 g cans 504953
Unflavored Box of 200 *2,4-g packets 505136

Thickening powder with xanthan gum resistant to salivary amylase.

For the dietary management of patients with disphagia or swallowing difficulties, maintains the usual appearance of the liquids to be thickened, thereby improving intake.

Textures for each 200 mL of water

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2.4 g of product (approx. 2 level scoops / 1 packet)

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(approx. 3 level scoops / 1 and a half packet)

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7.2 g of product (approx. 6 level scoops / 3 packets)

Per 100 g
Energy kcal/kJ 307/1301
Fat g <0,1
Saturated g <0,1
Carbohydrates g 62
Sugars g 4,7
Fiber g 25,1
Protein g 2
Salt g 3,25
Sodium mg 1300
Chloride mg 708
Potassium mg 789