Flavors and format
Flavour Format CI
Pork with lentils and tomato Box of 4 Trays 2.4kg (9.6 kg) 58350
Egg with carrot and leek Box of 4 Trays 2.4kg (9.6 kg) 58604
Hake with courgette and leek Box of 4 Trays 2.4kg (9.6 kg) 58347
Hake with carrot and green beans Box of 4 Trays 2.4kg (9.6 kg) 58345
Turkey with carrot and potato Box of 4 Trays 2.4kg (9.6 kg) 58346
Chicken with rice and carrot Box of 4 Trays 2.4kg (9.6 kg) 58348
Chicken with green beans and carrot Box of 4 Trays 2.4kg (9.6 kg) 58364
Veal with courgette and potato Box of 4 Trays 2.4kg (9.6 kg) 58349

Ready-to-take purees, with flavors and traditional preparation, with natural ingredients and enriched with olive oil.
Source of vitamins (A and E) and minerals (calcium, phosphorus and iron). High in vitamin D. High in fiber.
No added simple sugars.
Gluten free and lactose free.
Without preservatives or colorants.
Without trans fatty acids. No GMO *
Smooth and homogeneous texture.
It does not require manipulation.

*GMO- genetically modified organism.

Conservation: The product closed and in the original container retains its properties for 60 days from the date of manufacture. Store between 0 and 4ºC. Once opened, keep refrigerated and consume in less than 48 hours.

Indications: Food for people with chewing or swallowing problems.

How to use:

Bain-marie: Closed container for 20 min.
Microwave: (1 serving). Pour the contents of the container into a bowl and heat at 800w for 1-2 min.
Steam oven: Closed container 40min approx. at 100 ° C.
Mixed oven: Preheat the oven to 110ºC and heat the product for approx. 30 min. in oven-safe container.

Mean values per 100g
Energy kcal/kJ 103,8/435,6
Fat g 4,3
Saturated g 1
Carbohydrates g 9,2
Sugars g 1
Fiber g 1,2
Proteins g 6,5
Salt g 0,2
Calcium mg 120
Phosphorus mg 105
Iron mg 2,1
Vitamin A μg 120
Vitamin D μg 2,2
Vitamin E mg 1,8