Flavors and format
Flavour Format CN
Unflavored 60 sachets box 338336.3
Unflavored 1-500 g can 174176.9

Fermentable fiber module (50% FOS / 50% Inulin) in instant powder.

Product endorsed by clinical studies.

Indicated for:

  • Regulate intestinal transit (diarrhea, constipation, etc.).
  • Enhancer of the growth of beneficial bacteria for the intestine, improvement of the intestinal microbiota (prebiotic effect).
  • Prevention and treatment of acute and chronic radical enteritis.

No added simple sugars.

Per 100 g Per 6 g box
Energy kcal/kJ 214/866 13/52
Fat g n.d.* n.d.*
Saturated g n.d.* n.d.*
Carbohydrates g 10 0,6
Sugars g 10 0,6
Fiber g 87 5,22
Protein g n.d.* n.d.*
Salt g 0,03 0,002

* not detected